25 May 2020
Artist Yulia Mamontova (Zabrodina) about the Revival of encaustics in Russia
28 April 2020
The Spring issue of «Wax Fusion»
14 April 2020
Artist Yulia Mamontova held a master class on non-traditional painting technique «Encaustic»
13 February 2020
Artist Yulia Mamontova (Zabrodina) on the revival of encaustics in Russia
06 November 2019
BUTTERFLY-project of the 8th Moscow international Biennale of contemporary art
28 August 2019
«Honey spas». Magazine «Life with cerebral palsy. Problems and solutions»
21 August 2019
Charity exhibition of Yulia Mamontova «Honey spas». The magazine «Women’s Time»
21 May 2019
Yulia Mamontova at the Art & Business Awards 2019. Artist of the year
21 April 2017
Wax painting: from Fayum to the present day
27 August 2015
Real wonders at sea and on land