Encaustics in modernity: about the unusual work of Yulia Mamontova

Encaustics is a very rare and time-consuming technique of painting with hot wax paints, which was once lost and restored after many unsuccessful attempts. «In Ancient Greece, the technique, whose origins are presumably in Egypt, was valued for its extraordinary brightness and durability. Ancient authors wrote enthusiastically about its transparency, liveliness, and naturalness. Paintings of famous encausts of that time were considered priceless, they could not be bought for money», – says Julia. «History has ordered that samples of wax paintings of those times have not reached us. The technique has been recreated many times. In Russia, the artist Vasily Khvostenko and his daughter Tatyana Khvostenko managed to do this. These people discovered the secrets of wax paints, supplemented the technique, and breathed new life into it».

Source: iskusstvo.pro