Welcome to my world!


My name is Yulia Mamontova, I am an artist and my life as an art is multifaceted and it is always a pleasure to open new horizons for development, to strive to do something important in this world. One of the opportunities for it is friend ship and cooperation. It is easier for us to move forward together, it is more interesting to discover new things, to invent and implement unexpected collaborations.

  • Are you an artist or an art figure? I will be happy to exchange experience and to participate in joint creative projects.
  • Are you a representative of an organization or foundation? I am ready to cooperate, take part in collaborations and participate in various events with you, including charity ones.
  • Are you an art dealer or gallery representative? I have a lot to offer.
  • Are you an architect or designer? I have a special offer for you: my original paintings and prints for your projects, interior additions and final touches you can take here.
    • Are you just interested in art and painting? Let’s communicate.

We can make incredible things together and achieve any goals on mutually agreed terms.

Take a look at my blog on the site where I talk about the delicacy of art and opportunities for collaboration yuliamamontova.com and subscribe to Instagram.

Sincerely yours, Yulia Mamontova.