Encaustic on a wooden panel Triptych «Tenderness»

Yulia Mamontova
Triptych «Tenderness»
Encaustic on a wooden panel
9,4″ х 28,3″
Painting was shown at the exhibition «Floral myths of Hellas», Russian Art Museum in Moscow (Russia, August. 2020).


The artwork is dedicated to the ancient Greek history of the orchids. The legend: In the 300th century BC, the work “Knowledge of Plants” by the ancient Greek writer Theofast was created. It used the word “orchis” to denote specific orchid species, which in the future formed the basis for the name of the entire family – Orchidaceae.

The Roman goddess of love and beauty Venus was in love with Adonis, their love did not allow them to part for a long time, they were often together, walked, had fun and admired each other’s beauty. Once, returning from a hunt, they were overtaken by a terrible thunderstorm, which forced the lovers to hide in a mountain cave. Venus and Adonis made love. Love joys were hot and an elegant slipper fell from the goddess’s foot, which turned into a beautiful flower. Since then, the orchid has been considered a symbol of sexuality, female beauty and love.

Orchid is a jungle flower that was very difficult to adapt to greenhouse conditions; orchid hunters roamed the jungle to bring these flowers to shops in Europe. European beauties valued this flower above roses and lilies because of its unusually delicate shapes and colors, which by their very appearance, awakened sensuality.