Oil on brass «Walk through the history of the Caribbean islands»

Yulia Mamontova
««Walk through the history of the Caribbean islands»
Oil on brass
8” x 12”
Painting was shown at the personal exhibition “The World through the Eyes of the Artist” as part of the project “Across the Ocean”, Rev. Jorge A. Sardiñas Gallery at the Museum at St. Thomas University (Miami, USA).


Each of my work is done on the basis of full-scale impressions, it is important for me to convey the spirit of the place and the historical atmosphere of the structures. In 2015, on the island of Guadeloupe, I visited the historical monument of Fort Delgres – a landscaped modern tourist place where it is nice to walk and take pictures. This work reflects the most joyful moment of my journey – visiting the fort. While walking around the fortress, it seemed that the sunlight, which is soaked in stones, penetrates into us and creates a reserve of good mood for the whole year. In the work, I wanted to get closer to the technique of the French impressionists. These artists painted with strokes that do not repeat the shape of objects, in order to convey the movement of air and the general state of nature. The outlines of the objects in my work sink in a hot mareva, the scorching sun makes even shadows very colored and light. I tried to make the picture radiate light and lightness, fill the hearts of the audience with joy. I was very influenced by the trip to southern countries, as well as life in Arles on Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh. In the Caribbean, I saw a space filled with light and emitting light. My eyes, accustomed to the bright colors of my native latitudes, blinded the bright southern sun. I realized that it would be a crime to write a work about a fort on the island of Guadeloupe in the same manner and technique as sketches made in our parts. Writing on metal is a special pleasure, because work gains special beauty when the surface shines from the inside. The brilliance of the metal in combination with the swab texture does not allow the eye to divide the space into the first, second and third plans, but turns the image into a mirage. When the sun shines on my work, its rays reflect from areas of brass that are not covered with paint and this reminds me of the blind sun in the Caribbean.