Oil on canvas «Forgotten manor»

Картина маслом «Забытая усадьба»

Yulia Mamontova
«Forgotten manor»
Oil on canvas
29,5” x 35,5”


Golitsyn Manor in the village of Petrovo-Dalneye (near Moscow, Russia) can become elegant and attractive, if it has time to save from fires, horrors of destruction and desolation. Every detail of stucco work, trellis pattern reminds us of the historical past and former grandeur of the blue living room interior. Eyewitnesses testify that the manor house had a very large library, books from which were taken to neighboring and metropolitan museums, libraries, and part of the fiction, magazines, albums and engravings, the red commissars and rustic loafers used for melting. Abandoned books are evidence of the abuse of the past. I show my attitude to what happened to the manor in 1917-1920 by depicting books on the floor in the foreground – their future fate is unknown, but I hope, thanks to the efforts of people who are not indifferent to the historical past, they can be saved. The man in the doorway is not a travel companion or guide, but a character created by my imagination – he keeps this place from being destroyed by time and vandals, tells about it only to those who come here with good intentions. It seemed possible to me that such a person exists. I want to restore and recreate the historical life of the Golitsyns’ estate in the village of Petrovo-Dalneye. When the once luxurious ensembles of the manor complex leave only residential buildings looking at us with empty eye sockets of windows – it is a crime against future generations.