Oil on brass «Amazing arch in Alanya Turkey»

Yulia Mamontova
«Amazing arch in Alanya Turkey»
Oil on brass
15,7” x 12”
Painting was shown at the personal exhibition “The World through the Eyes of the Artist” as part of the project “Across the Ocean”, Rev. Jorge A. Sardiñas Gallery at the Museum at St. Thomas University (Miami, USA).


The artwork is made on Mount Cleopatra in Turkish Alanya. The brick arch of the ancient fortress, from which an amazing view of the azure lagoon breaks off, looks very symbolic. This is a kind of Window into the real, modern world, which is best seen through the prism of antiquity. The brilliance of the brass under the oil paints made it possible to convey both the freshness of the sea breeze, and the glare of sunlight in the sky and on the brickwork of the fortress, and the juiciness of Turkish greenery.