Oil on brass «Blue lagoon»

Yulia Mamontova
«Blue lagoon»
Oil on brass
12″ x 8″
1st place in the International Exhibition-Competition” Golden Time Talent/United Kingdom Award “/Brass Painting, 2020 (London, England).


Painting was shown at the personal exhibition “The World through the Eyes of the Artist” as part of the project “Across the Ocean”, Rev. Jorge A. Sardiñas Gallery at the Museum at St. Thomas University (Miami, USA). I have always been inspired by Claude Monet’s seascapes, but oil painting on canvas, made with pasty strokes, is a short-lived technique: paints lose brightness, a thick layer of oil cracks and dims, unpainted places on canvas lose the brightness of paints and stop reflecting light. I wanted to create a painting that will preserve for the descendants the brightness of the colors, the life truth and the splendor of the colors of the nature of the blue lagoon.