Encaustic on wood panel «Bee trap»

Yulia Mamontova
«Bee trap»
Encaustic/wood panel
39,4″x 27,6″


Flowers close their buds at dusk and open them at dawn, like traps, they lure insects. Sometimes I wonder why only flycatchers capture insects? Why do most flowers prefer to feed on the energy of the sun? Bees turn pollen of flowers, which means the energy of the sun, into a product useful for humans, and therefore, since ancient times, bees have been associated with the divine. The emblems of Zeus were an eagle and a bee. The future Thunderer, who was born in Crete and grew up in a cave, was fed with the milk of a divine goat and nectar. The golden cradle of Zeus stood in the Idaisky grotto. Pigeons from the shores of the ocean brought him ambrosia, an eagle flew in every evening, carrying a cup of nectar in its claws, the bees collected the sweetest honey for him and guarded the entrance to the cave. When mortals entered Zeus’ cave to steal honey, they were attacked by bees. Beekeeping in Greece is closely related to the name of Aristeus, the son of Apollo and a mere mortal Cyrene. According to tradition, Apollo gives the newborn to nymphs to raise. They taught Aristeus the art of cultivation and beekeeping. As an adult, Aristeus shared his knowledge of beekeeping with the inhabitants of in the Aegean Sea to beekeeping.