St. Thomas University’s Museum (Miami Gardens, USA)

Solo exhibition
``The world through the eyes of the artist``

On Thursday, November 19th, St. Thomas University’s Rev. Jorge A. Sardiñas Gallery (Miami Gardens, Florida) presents “Across the Ocean”, contemporary artist from Moscow based in Turkey, Yulia Mamontova, has shown her unique series “The World through the Eyes of the Artist”. 

An active traveler and yachtsman, Yulia Mamontova knows how to find the places where no one has been before her and transfers her impressions and her artistic view to realistic or abstract canvases that infect the viewer with vivid emotions and passionate love for the sea, people and life.

The artworks from the series “The World through the Eyes of the Artist” are created using the author’s technique Oρείχαλκος – oil on brass, following the traditions of the old masters, such as Sebastiano del Piombo, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Veronese, as well as ancient Russian icon painters. The shine of metal in combination with the texture of the brushstroke does not allow the eye to divide the space into the first, second and third planes, but turns the image into a mirage. The artworks by Yulia Mamontova are expressed on the basis of natural impressions, the importance of which is to convey the spirit of any city, the historical atmosphere of buildings and picturesque places in different parts of the world.

The main artistic goal of Yulia Mamontova is to revive the ancient techniques and to preserve them for new generations, following the traditions of her ancestors – Russian merchants and patrons. Another ancient sacred technique in which the artist works is encaustics: she uses the beeswax on high quality wood of different species. One of the artworks presented at her exhibition was created in this media.