Museum of Russian Art, Moscow


The opening of the personal exhibition of Yulia Mamontova “Floral Myths of Hellas” took place in the Museum of Russian Art in August 20, 2020. 

As part of the opening, visitors were introduced to the ancient technique of encaustic painting. Yulia showed live the process of creating paintings by heating the paints on the palette, shared the secrets of ancient masters. Guests learned more about ancient Greek myths and felt themselves in the blooming gardens of legendary Hellas. 

The experts were academician Grigory Ginzburg; National artist of the Russian Federation Dmitry Sanjiev; expert on contemporary art, artist Mikhail Krunov.

“The work of Yulia Mamontova on the revival of the most ancient painting technique “encaustic” in Russia is a valuable experience of historical reconstruction and will certainly expand the line of visual means of contemporary artists”, – believes academician Grigory Ginzburg.

“Yulia’s paintings are a touch of the cosmos, meditations reflecting the inner process, charged with the energy of a formed creative personality. The choice of encaustic is not accidental. With this material and texture that Yulia realizes herself and her creative ideas in the most effective way”, – says expert on contemporary art, artist Mikhail Krunov. 

The guests of the exhibition were Lyubov Tolkalina, Anna Russka, Grigory Ginzburg, Dmitry Sanjiev, Mikhail Krunov, Lilia Akhmetshina, Anastasia Meskova, Artem Ovcharenko, Arthur Ovchinnikov, Elena Ivanova, Lydia Aleksandrova, Irina Rogozina, Alice Tolkacheva, Nina Shornikova, Yulia Trushlia, Carina Martirosyan and other personalities, not indifferent to the cultural life of the capital.