First International Online Exhibition-Competition in Russia


Artist Yulia Mamontova and Encaustic Gallery from June 1 to October 1, 2020 opened the First International online exhibition-competition #EncausticNow, which was dedicated to encaustic art.

Encaustic is a painting technique in which wax is the binder of paints. It is believed to have originated in Egypt, where in the 19th century murals dating back to the 3rd century BC were found. The secrets of technology were lost over time, there were many attempts to restore them. In Russia, encaustics were in demand in 1930-1985. A huge contribution to its revival was made by the Soviet artist Vasily Khvostenko with his daughter Tatyana. They discovered the secrets of ancient encaustic paints and technologies, shared the recipes.

The format of the free online exhibition-contest allowed all 2D and 3D artists to participate, regardless of their experience, education in art, or place of residence. 

The exhibition featured works by 94 contemporary artists from Russia, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Poland, USA, Hungary, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Honduras, and Belarus. The exhibition included 356 works: abstract and realistic painting, icons, sculptures, panels, installations, collages, created in techniques using wax (encaustic, hot wax paint, cold wax, mixed media).

The winner in the competition for the best encaustic work was Alex Dmitriev (Russia) – the icon “The Image of Nicholas the Wonderworker” (oak, natural pigments from crushed semiprecious stones, cold encaustic, wax emulsion according to the author’s recipe, precious stones: emerald, ruby, spinel, tourmalines, cordierites, cat’s eye, beryl, jade, amethyst, quartzite)”. The first-place prize is an interview in Art Vesti. Second place – Julianna Jonker (USA), her painting “Allissa Heeler” from “Healers” series, which is dedicated to people living apart and risking their lives to save people, made in mixed technique (colored pencils, charcoal, cold wax, oil paints, encaustic). Second place prize – interview in Del`Arte magazine. The third place – one of the first teachers of encaustic art in Russia Natalia Zhukova – “The Fiery Sunset” (waxes, pigmented sticks, ink, shellac, oil pastels). The prize for third place – the book “How to Earn, Succeed and Stay an Artist” by Alena Alexeeva.

Картины-победители конкурса

Special prizes from the partners of the event were awarded to Julia Pastukhova (“Sunflowers”) and Calzada Georgina (“Migrants 5”) – an annual membership in International Encaustic Artists (IEA). Aina Paisley – an invitation to collaborate with ArtOnline 24, an online gallery of contemporary and classical art.  Pauline Askeri (founder of ASKERY GALLERY) highlighted the work of Regina Quinn (USA). Maria Golovkina – visiting the workshop of Jury Chairman Dmitry Sanjiev. Laura Murphy – my invitation to an on-air author program on the ArtVesti channel.  ArtVesti published articles about artists Pamela Letona and Ludmila Bolbas, for which the majority of viewers voted.