Contemporary artist

Encaustics. Charity personal exhibition «Savior of the Honey Feast Day»

The opening of the charity event of the «Life with Cerebral Palsy» Foundation by Gosha Kutsenko and the personal exhibition of Yulia Mamontova «Savior of the Honey Feast Day» took place in the legendary «Hands Up!» bar in August 21, 2019. The event was held with the support of the magazine «Life with Cerebral Palsy. Problems and solutions». The noble goal of the event was to help patients with cerebral palsy, in particular, the scriptwriter Egor Kondratyev. All funds from the sale of encaustic paintings by Julia Mamontova were sent to Egor.

Gosha Kutsenko: «When children grow up, they cease to be wards of the Step Together Foundation, but they do not cease to be our friends. Egor Kondratyev, a talented scriptwriter, is one of our friends, so we decided to help him and raise money for a serious operation, which will be held on August 27. Each picture of the encaustic, written by Yulia Mamontova, is a contribution to Yegor’s operation. And we are grateful to everyone who purchased the paintings to help us. Now we have a more global goal – the implementation of our project of a clinics network within walking distance. Join our charity projects!»